Passwordstate 4.5 Released with Password Generator

Hi Everyone,

Passwordstate 4.5 is now available with the following changes:

  • New – Added Random Password Generator allowing bulk creation of passwords (Ref 45.01)
  • New – Added optional feature for automatically generating a random password when creating a new password record (Ref 45.02)
  • Fix- Fixed a bug where IPv6 IP Addresses could not be added to the Audit table (Ref 45.03)
Passwordstate Password Generator

Password Generator


For customers wishing to upgrade, please follow these instructions:

  1. Backup your Passwordstate4 database
  2. Download the latest copy of Passwordstate from here –
  3. Take a copy of the web.config file
  4. Uninstall Passwordstate from Control Panel (please note your database will not be touched during the uninstall)
  5. Once uninstalled, reinstall Passwordstate
  6. Replace the web.config file from step 3
  7. Restart the Windows Service ‘Passwordstate Service’
  8. If you have modified the standard ‘passwordstate4’ cname DNS entry for the web site, or configured the web site to use a SSL certificate, you will need to redo these steps
  9. When you first browse to Passwordstate, you will be asked to provide database credentials to upgrade some tables. This must be completed prior to making Passwordstate available to all users.

We hope you enjoy the new version of Passwordstate, and we thank you for your suggestions & kind support.

Mark Sandford


  1. Hi ,

    I really like the Passwordstate interface and thinking around password management. My only 2 cents for an “enahncement” would be to allow more fields for different user levels. For example – we use our password manager for network devices i.e switches/routers/firewalls . Most of these devices have a “normal” user password and then a super user username and password. For a router it would be a normal username and then an enable password – for a Unix machine it would be a normal username and a root password.

    Perhaps a good enhancement would be to be able to include different fields with new labels for example – admin username , admin password . Also some of the devices use different ports. so would like to be able to say ssh on port 225 or something to that effect .

    The above is just a recommendation for an enhancement – hope it is received well.

    Otherwise great product !!! (for web site and plain machine logins…)

    • clickstudios says

      Hi Darren,

      Thanks for your feedback – we appreciate you taking the time.

      In the next version of Passwordstate, we will providing this exact feature. For each password list, you will be able to specify custom fields, and label them however you want. You will be able to show or hide fields, and make them optional or mandatory.

      If there’s any other features you would like to see, please don’t hesitate to ask.

      Mark Sandford

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