Password Management Best Practices

There is no guarantee that one person will stay in the same job forever. Opportunities arise and employees shift from job to job all the time. When this happens in a managed service business, technicians who move to a new company will also be taking the passwords for the customer accounts they were mangaging with them. As data of your customers is extremely valuable, it is imperative that you give serious thought to the security of the customer’s passwords in order to protect personal information that has been entrusted with you. We recommend implementing the following practices for your business to manage your customers’ passwords and ensure total privacy.


This password management practice functions to regularly inspect the system and check that everything is in place and no changes have been made. This technique allows you to see who has accessed the stored passwords whilst also enabling you to check whether the passwords remain compliant with the set rules (for instance, do they meet the password complexity requirements).

Another auditing practice to apply is regularly checking whether the passwords match with the ones used in the system. Furthermore, it is a good idea to install a system that informs employers if anything goes wrong or something interferes with the process of password management.

Full control  

A good password management system must have full control of the valuable data in the system. Full control gives you the tools to prevent unwanted users from accessing sensitive or confidential data such as customer passwords and personal information. It is highly essential that you ensure you have full control of those who have access to the company’s passwords, while also assuming control of what they can do with the passwords in terms of creating, writing, reading or deleting information. Additionally, it is important to install a system that gives full access to the passwords as well as the ability to store them centrally from anywhere.

Automation services

Each business should employ a system that automatically changes passwords whenever necessary. You should also have a process that enables you to inform the person in control of the password to change it manually.

A spreadsheet alone is simply not enough to protect the valuable information of your customers. We advise all companies to make use of the above password management practices to ensure complete password protection and consequently, a professional and trustworthy business.

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