Passwordstate 4.3 Released

Hi Everyone, Available immediately is version 4.3 of Passwordstate, which includes the following changes: New -  Added the feature whereby you can show/hide the passwords in the grid view simply by clicking on them (Ref 43.01) Fix -  Fixed … [Continue reading]

PS5 Update – Logical Grouping of Password Lists

Hello Everyone, Quick update on how we're progressing with the development of Passwordstate version 5. We've now added the feature whereby you can logically group Password Lists in the navigation tree, as per the screenshot in this blog entry. … [Continue reading]

1st Screenshot of Passwordstate 5.0

This is the first screenshot we've shown for the next release of Passwordstate. We've had to redesign the UI a little to accommodating displaying the Shared Password Lists in the left navigation tree. … [Continue reading]

Passwordstate 4.2 Released

Hi Everyone, Available immediately is version 4.2 of Passwordstate, which includes the following changes: New -  Added feature whereby access to multiple Shared Password Lists can be administered for a user, instead of individually (Ref … [Continue reading]

Copy to Clipboard

Back in version 2.0 of Passwordstate we had the functionality whereby you could click on a graphic in the grid view, and it would copy the password value to the clipboard. Since then, Microsoft, Mozilla and other browser developers have worked … [Continue reading]

Requesting some feedback for the next version of Passwordstate

Hi Everyone, We've started some planning for the next version of Passwordstate, and we would very much love to hear from you if you have any suggestions for what you would like to see in the new version. Simply leave some feedback on this post, or … [Continue reading]

Passwordstate 4.1 Released

Hello Everyone, Available immediately is version 4.1 of Passwordstate, which includes 10 bug fixes and 3 new improvements since the release of version 4.0. More detail can be found here – … [Continue reading]

Minor Bug Release Update

Hi All, I've released a minor update for Passwordstate 4, which fixes 9 bugs and adds 2 new improvements since it's release. Details of the fixes can be found here - Passwordstate Changelog. Thanks to all of you who have helped identify the … [Continue reading]

Passwordstate 4.0 Released

Hello Everyone, Click Studios is proud to announce the next release of our Password Management System called Passwordstate. Version 4.0 is ready for immediate download, and all version 3 customers can upgrade at no cost, and reuse their existing … [Continue reading]

PS4 – Dev Update 5

Hi, Following is now finished: 40.20 - Improved Online Help 40.21 - Update Setup Wizard Now just finalising the Windows Installer, then need to update the web site advertising the new features. Oh, and one more thing - need to also … [Continue reading]