Passwordstate 5.0 Update – Build 5006

Hello everyone, We have a few updates for Passwordstate, with the following changes: Fix - The Image dropdown list was cutoff at the bottom of the browser when adding or editing Password Lists. Only effected small screen resolutions Fix - … [Continue reading]

Passwordstate 5.0 Available

Hello All, Click Studios are pleased to annouce the immediate availability of version 5.0 of Passwordstate, which can be downloaded from As version 5.0 requires a new registration key, … [Continue reading]

Upgrading Passwordstate from 4.x to 4.5

In order to upgrade to version 5.0 of Passwordstate, you must first be using version 4.5. To upgrade Passwordstate from version 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 or 4.4 to 4.5, please following these instructions: Backup your Passwordstate4 database Take a … [Continue reading]

Passwordstate 5 Beta Available

Hello All, After more than 6 months of development, our first beta of Passwordstate 5 is now available for download. If you’re interested in testing version 5, please contact us at as we’ll need to generate a new … [Continue reading]

PS5 Update – Forms Based Authentication

Hi Everyone, We've now finished coding forms based authentication for Passwordstate, for customers who do not wish to rely on Active Directory for authentication. Essentially each user will need to specify a username and password to authenticate … [Continue reading]

PS5 Update – ScramblePad Authentication

Hi All, In version 5 of Passwordstate, we will be introducing a  second-level authentication called ScramblePad Authentication (see screenshot). Some of the features relating to the ScramblePad Authentication are: It can be enabled by Security … [Continue reading]

PS5 Update – High Availability Option

Hi Everyone, Another feature we will be adding to Passwordstate 5 is an option for a High Availability, which provides a read-only copy of Passwordstate in case the main install is unavailable for whatever reason. Some details are: It will … [Continue reading]

PS5 Update – Improved Role Based Access and Permissions

Hi All, We’ve been busy during the holiday period making improvements to Role Based Access and Permissions (small screenshot below). Here are a few things you can expect to see in the next release: •    3 levels of assigning access – View, … [Continue reading]

Passwordstate 4.5 Released with Password Generator

Hi Everyone, Passwordstate 4.5 is now available with the following changes: New - Added Random Password Generator allowing bulk creation of passwords (Ref 45.01) New - Added optional feature for automatically generating a random password … [Continue reading]

Passwordstate 4.4 Released

Hi Everyone, Available immediately is version 4.4 of Passwordstate, which includes the following changes: New - Added feature whereby you can quickly filter the grid columns by pressing the Enter key - as opposed to selecting one of the filter … [Continue reading]