Email Notifications within Passwordstate

Passwordstate can generate up to 42 different types of emails, for which most can be enabled or disabled as required - certain email's cannot be disabled due to the nature of them such as 'Audit Log Tamper Detection'. What most people don't realise … [Continue reading]

Time-Based Access to Passwords and Passwordstate

A couple of features we've had for quite some time now is Time-Based Access to Passwords, or to Passwordstate itself. To start with, we'll show you time-based access to Password Lists: Time-Based Access to Password Lists When applying … [Continue reading]

Synchronize Passwords with Active Directory

As of version 5.4 of Passwordstate, it's now possible to synchronize passwords in Passwordstate with either Active Directory or local Windows Servers. In order for a Password List to be 'ready' for synchronization, the following 'Customized … [Continue reading]

Passwordstate 5.4 Released

Hello Everyone, Click Studios is very pleased to announce the availability of Version 5.4 of Passwordstate with 70 new features, updates and bug fixes in total. Notable changes are: Synchronize Password changes with Active Directory or Windows … [Continue reading]

Video – Password Recycle Bin

Hi Everyone, The following video demonstrates how to use the Recycle Bin feature within Passwordstate. Any questions at all about the feature, please don't hesitate to ask. Regards Click Studios … [Continue reading]

Passwordstate 5.3 Released

Hi All, Click Studios is pleased to announce the availability of Version 5.3 of Passwordstate, which includes 13 new features, 8 enhancements & 12 bug fixes. Notable changes are: We've introduced a new feature called Emergency Access. This … [Continue reading]

Passwordstate 5.2 Released

Hello Everyone, Click Studios is very pleased to announce the availability of Version 5.2 of Passwordstate with 10 new features, 7 enhancements & 9 bug fixes. Notable changes in this release are: Now supports Region Settings (Locales) for … [Continue reading]

Password Attachments

Hello All, In the upcoming release of Version 5.2 of Passwordstate we will be introducing a feature whereby you can upload/attach documents to password records. There is no restriction on what type of file type you can attach, and each time you … [Continue reading]

Passwordstate Version 5.1 Released

Hi Everyone, Click Studios is very pleased to annouce the availability of Version 5.1 of Passwordstate. We can't thank our customers enough for their feature suggestions, and working with us to development a better product for everyone. To … [Continue reading]

Passwordstate Compliance

Passwordstate on its own cannot make your organization compliant to any regulatory compliance acts (such as Sox or PCI DDS), but it can help your organization reach compliance in the following ways: Access Management – Passwordstate has granular … [Continue reading]