Two-Factor Authentication with RSA SecurID

SecurID Authentication

Hi Everyone, As of today, we've finished implementing two-factor authentication in Passwordstate V6, using RSA's SecurID solution. Once we have a beta of Version 6 available, we'll be asking for testers of this functionality, as we've only been … [Continue reading]

Two-Factor Authentication with Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator Settings

Hi Everyone, We've finished adding two-factor authentication using Google's Authenticator to version 6 of Passwordstate. Google Authenticator is great for smaller companies who can't afford the investment required to internally host other … [Continue reading]

New Menu System in Version 6.0

Hi Everyone, Thought we'd share with you the new Navigation Menu System coming in Version 6 of Passwordstate, and what options are available to use with it. So the tabs on the bottom left hand side of the screen are now gone, and replaced with … [Continue reading]

Display Auditing Data Graphically in Passwordstate

View audit data graphically in Passwordstate.

In Version 6 of Passwordstate, we've added a new page called Auditing Graphs. This page will allow you to filter on any of the 58 current audit record types, by platform (web, mobile, API or Windows Service), and by various duration's - 6 months … [Continue reading]

Generate Random Passwords

Passwordstate has a quite capable Password Generator, and can be used in a couple of ways - each user can have their own personal Password Generator options, or specific options can be assigned to individual Password Lists. We'll run through some of … [Continue reading]

Flexible Options for Hiding Passwords

Masked Passwords

Hi Everyone, Thought we'd share another little feature with you which might not be so obvious to you. On each of the Password Lists screens, there is a 'Password' column which shows the masked password and provides a image for you to click on copy … [Continue reading]

Linking Passwords Between Password Lists

Copy or Move to Different Password List

We received an email request from a customer today, and it said "I have a request from the team regarding the sharing of same password by multiple applications. For instance, if Application A and B both using the shared account “SP1” . Do we need to … [Continue reading]

Checkout the amount of features we now have for Password Lists

Hello Everyone, We've been gradually adding more and more features to Passwordstate, with the majority being suggestions from our fantastic customers - thanks guys. The following is a summary of features specific to Password Lists which are now … [Continue reading]

Passwordstate 5.5 Released

Hello Everyone, Click Studios is very pleased to announce the availability of Version 5.5 of Passwordstate with 30 new features, updates and bug fixes in total. Notable changes are: Added Authorized Web Server functionality whereby you must … [Continue reading]

Customized Fields and Screens

We had an interesting conversation with a customer recently, in that they weren't aware they could choose which fields they would like to associate with a Password List, or that they could customize the look and feel of the main passwords screen.  To … [Continue reading]