Google Workspace, SAML Authentication and Passwordstate

Last week's blog was all about SAML2 Authentication with Microsoft Azure. Keeping to a like theme, this week we'll concentrate on setting up SAML Authentication for Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) and Passwordstate. Google Workspace provides … [Continue reading]

SAML Authentication with Azure AD

The Click Studios Technical Support group is regularly asked if we support authentication between Passwordstate and Microsoft Azure AD. The simple answer is yes, and in order to do this you must be using SAML2 Authentication as your global … [Continue reading]

Control Access to Local Accounts with Credential Check-In and Check-Out

Many organizations implement strict access control to privileged accounts in their Domain and on their Windows Workstations and Servers. They work through a stringent process, ensuring local and domain user accounts have the least amount of … [Continue reading]

Specifying Authentication Options

A customer recently asked us to assist in resolving an issue with authentication for some of their users. This sparked some discussion between members of our Technical Support Team as to whether most customers knew where you can set the … [Continue reading]

Password List Performance Testing

We're asked every now and again about potential performance impacts with regard to the size of Password Lists. While every organisation is different there are some general considerations that should be thought about when designing your Password … [Continue reading]

Some Examples of Best Practices for Passwordstate

Here at Click Studios a couple of staff from Pre-Sales and Technical Support are pulling together the first draft of our Best Practices guide for Passwordstate. The recommendations provided in the Guide are a direct result of assisting organizations … [Continue reading]

Click Studios Support

Click Studios has built its well-earned reputation on three Pillars. The First Pillar: Continuous development of an Enterprise grade Password Management Solution that is feature rich and scales from the smallest not-for-profit to the largest … [Continue reading]

Buy Now – Options and Information Required

You may be a new customer, having trialled Passwordstate, and are about to jump in and make your first purchase. There are a number of different ways in which you can purchase Passwordstate, so which do you choose? This week's blog entry is a quick … [Continue reading]

Final Sneak Peek of Passwordstate 9

This is the final Sneak Peek at Passwordstate Version 9. Our Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer has kindly requested all Click Studios employees to stop finding new functionality to incorporate into the release (but we can't help it ). … [Continue reading]

Hosting Your Password Reset Portal in a DMZ

We were recently asked if it was possible to install the Passwordstate Password Reset Portal in a DMZ. A DMZ or Demilitarized zone, also known as a Perimeter Network or Screened Subnet, is usually a physically (or logically) separate network … [Continue reading]