Email Notifications within Passwordstate

Passwordstate can generate up to 42 different types of emails, for which most can be enabled or disabled as required – certain email’s cannot be disabled due to the nature of them such as ‘Audit Log Tamper Detection’. What most people don’t realise is email notifications can be managed in three separate ways:

Managed By User
Each user can manage their own email notifications by visiting the ‘Preferences’ area for their account. From the ‘Email Notifications’ tab, they can select which email categories to enable or disable, depending on their personal preference.

Managed for Several Users at Once
As of Build 5416, we now have a feature called ‘Email Notification Groups’. This feature allows Security Administrators of Passwordstate to manage notifications for a collection of user accounts, or for members of specific security groups. In enabling this option for a user, it will disable their ability to specify their own settings under the Preferences section mentioned above.

Managed System-Wide for All User
Under the Administration area of Passwordstate, there is a feature called ‘Email Templates’. This feature allows the Security Administrators to customize the body of each of the emails sent, and also allows them to disable/enable all notifications system-wide – which overrides the two methods mentioned above. Generally most customers disable all email templates whilst they are configuring Passwordstate initially, to prevent a considerable amount of emails being generated as they add/import passwords from existing systems.
For your reference, a complete list of the Email Notifications can be found here –

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