Display Auditing Data Graphically in Passwordstate

In Version 6 of Passwordstate, we’ve added a new page called Auditing Graphs.

This page will allow you to filter on any of the 58 current audit record types, by platform (web, mobile, API or Windows Service), and by various duration’s – 6 months through to 3 years. Once you’ve selected your options, hit the Refresh button and the graph will be redrawn.

We’ve also listed all the Audit Activities and the end of this post, and this list will grow as we develop more features in the API, and start to develop the mobile client.

View audit data graphically in Passwordstate.

Access Granted
Access Removed
Access Updated
All Passwords Exported
Audit Records Purged
Document Deleted
Document Updated
Document Uploaded
Document Viewed
Email Sent
Email Template Enabled
Email Template Disabled
Email Template Updated
Emergency Access Event
Failed API Call
Handshake Approval Requested
Login Attempt Failed
Login Attempt Succeeded
Password Added
Password Copied to Clipboard
Password Deleted
Password History Exported
Password History Retrieved
Password List Added
Password List Authentication
Password List Deleted
Password List Retrieved
Password List Updated
Password Restored
Password Retrieved
Password Screen Opened
Password Updated
Password Viewed
Passwords Exported
Security Administrator Added
Security Administrator Removed
Security Administrator Role Updated
Security Group Added
Security Group Updated
Security Group Deleted
Tab Authentication
Template Access Granted
Template Access Removed
Template Access Updated
Template Added
Template Deleted
Template Updated
User Account Added
User Account Added to Security Group
User Account Disabled
User Account Enabled
User Account Updated
User Account Deleted
User Accounts Exported
User Removed From Security Group
UserName Copied to Clipboard
Windows Account Synchronization

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