Passwordstate 4.0 Development Page

This blog post will allow you to follow the progress of development for version 4.0 of Passwordstate.

ID Feature Status
40.21 Update Setup Wizard
Update the initial setup wizard to factor new functionality, and upgrading from version 3.0 & 3.1
40.20 Improved Online Help
New help system with index page navigation.
40.19 Password Strength Report
Based on predefined password strength rules set by the Security Administrators, a report can be run which reports on compliance to the rules.
40.18 Updated Ajax Components
Update to the latest version of Ajax components.
40.17 Emailing From Grid View
Allow emailing a user from clicking on their email address in a grid (User Accounts section)
40.16 Expiring Passwords Improvements
A Windows service will be use to send email notifications for expiring passwords. Security Administrators will be able to customise the template, and users will be able to choose whether or not to receive the notifications, and at what interval – daily, weekly or monthly.
40.15 Email Improvements
Provide the option to send email from a specific mailbox, as opposed to using anonymous SMTP – this requires storing information about the mailbox credentials
40.14 New Passwords Home Page
The new home page will support the following features:: 

  • Quick Search – Allows you to search for any personal or shared password you have access to
  • Password Favorites – A grid view of a user’s favourite personal and shared passwords
  • Recent Activity – Shows recent audit events for a users personal passwords, and shared password lists they have access to
  • Password Strength Charts – charts to show password strength summary for both personal and shared passwords

The user can also customize various screen options:

  • Number of records to display
  • Show/hide header & footers for grids
  • Show/hide the Favourite/Recent Activity grids
  • Show/hide the password strength charts
  • Size of the password strength charts
40.13 Expiring Passwords Calendar View
Have a calendar view for expiring personal and shared passwords, giving the user a more logical time-based view
40.12 Audit Visibility for all Users
Audit information should be available to all users for their Personal Passwords, and Shared Password Lists they have access to.
40.11 Multiple Active Directory Domain Support
Must support multiple Active Directory domains for large organisations which have domain trusts in place. Version 3.1 currently works with multiple domains, but the domain login accounts must be unique.
40.10 Masking Passwords on Add/Edit Pages
Give the user the option to show/hide passwords when adding/editing them – similar to the functionality in the grids. This option will be available site wide as part of the user’s preferences, as well as on each Password Textbox so the user can choose at anytime to hide/show the password.
40.09 Dim Background with Popups
When a popup window is displayed (help, UAP, etc), dim the background page to give the popup more focus.
40.08 Purge Audit Table Records
Allow the Security Administrator to purge all the audit records to maintain healthy table size.
40.07 Log failed attempts at Accessing the ‘Administration’ area
Add an audit record for non Security Administrators trying to access the ‘Administration’ area.
40.06 Deny Access to Passwordstate if UAP is not Accepted
User Acceptance Policy now needs to be accepted before access is given to Passwordstate – previously you could close the window and still have acess.
40.05 Enable/Disable Email Templates
Give the Security Administrators the option to disable email templates so users are not emailed when certain events are triggered.
40.04 Save Grid NotificationProvide a pop-up notification so users know they have successfully saved the grid layout. COMPLETE
40.03 Highlight Expiring Passwords in Grid View
When displaying personal or shared passwords in Grid View, highlight any expired or soon to expire passwords in red to give a visual reminder.
40.02 Improve Grid NavigationImprove grid navigation in terms of web standards & usability. COMPLETE
40.01 Visual Password Strength
As a user adds or updates a password, they can see a visual representation of how strong the password is. The strength is based on predefined rules set by the Security Administrators

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