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We’ve been gradually adding more and more features to Passwordstate, with the majority being suggestions from our fantastic customers – thanks guys. The following is a summary of features specific to Password Lists which are now available.

Password List Details
Image: You can choose an image to display in the Password List Navigation Tree
Password Strength Policy: Your Security Administrators of Passwordstate can create multiple Password Strength Policies, and they will all show under this dropdown field
Password Generator: Choose from one of the Password Generator options your Security Administrators can create – any time you see the little Calculator icon, you can
Code Page: Used for exporting data in the correct character encoding
Additional Authentication: When you click on a Password List in the navigation tree, you can choose to first make your users provide another level of authentication before you can access the Password List

Password List Settings
Allow Password List to be Exported
: Allow or disallow Security Administrators/List Administrators from exporting the contents of the Password List
Time Based Access Mandatory: Enforce one of the Time Based Access options – expire at a certain time for Password Lists, or for individual password records you can specify time-based, when the password changes, or one-time access
Handshake Approval Madnatory: Enforce the rule of two users needing to approve access prior to it being given
Prevent Password Reuse: You can specify the last (n) number of passwords cannot be reused
Prevent Non-Admin users from Dragging and Dropping the Password List: This relates to dragging and dropping Password Lists in the navigation tree
Prevent saving of Password records if a ‘Bad’ password is detected: Your Security Administrators controls the list of what is deemed to be a Bad password
Users must first specify a reason why they need to view, edit or copy passwords: By selecting this option, the users will be presented with a dialog asking them to provide a reason why the need to access the record. This reason is then stored in the auditing table
Prevent Non-Admin users from manually changing values in Expiry Date fields: If you have View or Modify access to a Password List, then you won’t be able to change the Expiry Date field if this option is selected
Reset Expiry Date field to Current Date +…: When this option is selected, changing the value of the password field will automatically update the Expiry Date field
Additional Authentication only required once per session: If you have chosen an ‘Additional Authentication’ option for this Password List, you can enforce users to authentication once for an active session, or every time they try to access the Password List

Copy Details & Settings From
This option allows you to clone settings from existing Password Lists, or any Password List template you have access to. This saves you on having to select all of the options mentioned above

Copy Permissions From
By selecting this option, you can quickly apply new permissions to this Password List, by either cloning the permissions on another Password List, or Password List Template

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