Is Changing Passwords Mandatory For Systems And Accounts?

Password breaches are becoming common across all types of internet infrastructure and we need better password practices to protect our online servers, databases, routers and switches.

A common source of the problem revolves around improper password management techniques. A database or network not protected by a well-encrypted password system leaves itself vulnerable to hackers, phishing schemes, malware and viruses.

Why should I be changing my network’s passwords?

When a password is too old – or too easy to guess – it can lead to hackers easily accessing the system access codes. As well as this, once they malignant software guesses one password, it could only be a matter of time before all other aspects of the company are penetrated.

Apart from this, sharing passwords between employees is often unavoidable, especially when certain tasks cannot be completed by one person alone. This can lead to breaches in security. Rather than having your employees share private information with each other, invest in a targeted password management system, which will work to instantly to tighten your security and make for a more impenetrable network.

What if I forget all my new passwords?

Any business worth its while will have a large network of applications and servers. Between all the different parts that make up your company, it can be mind-boggling to attempt to remember every single password, especially when you change them frequently. After all, a revolving string of numbers and symbols doesn’t exactly lead to an easy memory trigger.

Instead, password management software such as Passwordstate will store all of your company’s passwords, allowing you to access them when you next need them – either web-based access, or mobile access.

How can I better protect my company’s data?

To better protect your company’s information, it is pertinent that you download software such as Passwordstate that performs a scheduled reset of passwords for you. An automated solution such as ours will audit, store and encrypt your various system passwords, leading to higher protection of your sensitive data and information.

The software also includes API scripts, meaning you have the freedom to integrate it into your SAAS, without fear that your customers’ privacy is at risk.

Another option is to opt for a single-sign-on, or federated network, which allows one password complete access to all of the company’s software (providing the user has administrator permissions for the specific function).

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