Copy to Clipboard

Back in version 2.0 of Passwordstate we had the functionality whereby you could click on a graphic in the grid view, and it would copy the password value to the clipboard.

Since then, Microsoft, Mozilla and other browser developers have worked hard to secure their browsers, which resulted in the removal of the ‘copy to clipboard’ feature.

After a little bit of effort, we’re able to provides this functionality again, as well as adding an ‘audit’ record every time a user copies a password to the clipboard. We’ve included an image to show you what it looks like.

Passwordstate Copy to Clipboard Screenshot

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Requesting some feedback for the next version of Passwordstate

Hi Everyone,

We’ve started some planning for the next version of Passwordstate, and we would very much love to hear from you if you have any suggestions for what you would like to see in the new version. Simply leave some feedback on this post, or contact us via the web site.

Thanks for all your support and suggestions so far.


Click Studios

Passwordstate 4.1 Released

Hello Everyone,

Available immediately is version 4.1 of Passwordstate, which includes 10 bug fixes and 3 new improvements since the release of version 4.0. More detail can be found here –

For customers wishing to upgrade from version 4.0, please follow these instructions:

  1. Backup your Passwordstate4 database
  2. Download the latest copy of Passwordstate from here –
  3. Take a copy of the web.config file
  4. Uninstall Passwordstate from Control Panel (please note your database will not be touched during the uninstall)
  5. Once uninstalled, reinstall Passwordstate
  6. Replace the web.config file from step 3
  7. Restart the Windows Service ‘Passwordstate Service’
  8. If you have modified the standard ‘passwordstate4’ cname DNS entry for the web site, or configured the web site to use a SSL certificate, you will need to redo these steps
  9. Navigate to Passwordstate in your web browser, and run through the wizard to upgrade to version 4.1

We hope you enjoy the new version of Passwordstate, and we thank you for your kind support.

Kind Regards
Click Studios

Minor Bug Release Update

Hi All,

I’ve released a minor update for Passwordstate 4, which fixes 9 bugs and adds 2 new improvements since it’s release.

Details of the fixes can be found here – Passwordstate Changelog.

Thanks to all of you who have helped identify the bugs, and done some testing for the fixes.

Kind Regards

Passwordstate 4.0 Released

Hello Everyone,

Click Studios is proud to announce the next release of our Password Management System called Passwordstate. Version 4.0 is ready for immediate download, and all version 3 customers can upgrade at no cost, and reuse their existing registration keys.

Version 4.0 comes with 20 new improvements, with details of the changes available at the following link –

To download the new version, please click here – Within this zip file you will find the Windows installer and installation instructions.

We hope you enjoy the new version of Passwordstate, and we thank you for your kind support.

Kind Regards
Click Studios

PS4 – Dev Update 5


Following is now finished:

40.20 – Improved Online Help
40.21 – Update Setup Wizard

Now just finalising the Windows Installer, then need to update the web site advertising the new features.

Oh, and one more thing – need to also update the details on my ecommerce providers web site ( as we’ll be offering Passwordstate 4 at a cheaper price 🙂

PS4 – Dev Update 4

Hello all,

I’ve finally finished the core functionality of version 4 of Passwordstate. What was recently completed is:

40.15 – Email Improvements
40.16 – Expiring Passwords Improvements
40.17 – Emailing From Grid View
40.18 – Updated Ajax Component
40.19 – Password Strength Report

Check out the ‘Development’ page for details – Development.

What’s left now is:

40.20 – Improved Online Help
40.21 – Update Setup Wizard

And testing, documentation & updating the Windows installer.

Almost there

PS4 – Dev Update 3

Hi All,

I’ve finally finished 40.14 – New Passwords Home Page. Users can now set their home page to be one of the following:

  • Passwords Home Page
  • Personal Passwords
  • Shared Password Lists
  • Specific Shared Password List

To see what functionality is available on the new Passwords Home Page, check the Development page. To see a screenshot, click here Passwords Home Page.

A couple of other small changes are:

  • Every time a user view’s a personal or shared password, an audit record is added
  • If a password record has associated notes, a graphic will be displayed next to the ‘Description’ field in the grid, and hovering over the graphic will display the note
  • A graphic will be displayed next to the ‘Description’ field highlighting if the password has been tagged as a ‘Favourite’ password

PS4 – Dev Update 2

Hi All,

Quick update on what I’ve been working on lately:

40.12 : Audit Visibility for all Users – Audit information should be available to all users for their Personal Passwords, and Shared Password Lists they have access to
40.13 : Expiring Passwords Calendar View – Have a calendar view for expiring personal and shared passwords, giving the user a more logical time-based view

I’ve also revisited ‘40.01 – Visual Password Strength’ and added a visual strength indicator to each grid object. So now at a glance you can see the strength of all your passwords. I’ll also develop some reporting around password strength in the upcoming branches.

For a preview of the visual password strength, please click on the following link – Visual Password Strength.

PS4 – Dev Update 1 – Multiple Active Directory Domain Support

Multiple Active Directory support is now finished – you can now add, import and authenticate against multiple active directory forests/trees