Real-Time Email Notifications Passwordstate is designed to keep users informed when different events take place. This awareness is achieved by a combination of audit records, and real-time email notifications.

Security Administrators can enable/disable real-time notifications for all users of Passwordstate, or individual users can elect disable/enable email categories as required. Real-Time Notification Groups are also available, so different sets of users can receive different categories of emails.

Email Notifcation Templates

Passwordstate provides a total of 54 different types of email notifications, of which all can be modified to suite the communication style of your organisation.

Security Administrators are able to enable or disable individual notification templates, as well as restore back to the original template content.

The following types of email notification templates are available:
  • Access Request
  • Access Request Denied
  • Access to Password Changed
  • Access to Password Granted
  • Access to Password List Changed
  • Access to Password List Granted
  • Access to Password List Removed
  • Access to Password List Template Changed
  • Access to Password List Template Granted
  • Access to Password List Template Removed
  • Access to Password Removed
  • Authentication Credentials
  • Backup Failure
  • Backup Success
  • Delta Permissions Report
  • Discovery Job Results
  • Emergency Access - Failed Login
  • Emergency Access - Login Page Accessed
  • Emergency Access - Successful Login
  • Excessive Activity Report
  • Failed Login Attempt
  • High Availability Site Accessed
  • License Restriction
  • New Handshake Approval Request
  • New User Account
  • One-Time Access Permissions Removed
  • Password Access Expired - Password Changed
  • Password Access Expired - Time
  • Password Added
  • Password Copied To Clipboard
  • Password Deleted
  • Password List Access Expired - Time
  • Password List Deleted
  • Password List Time Based Access Changed
  • Password Navigation Tree Updated
  • Password Reset Recommended - Password
  • Password Reset Recommended - Password List
  • Password Reset Results
  • Password Time Based Access Changed
  • Password Updated
  • Password Validation Results
  • Password Viewed
  • Passwords Exported
  • Passwordstate Outage Notification
  • Permalink - Password
  • Permalink - Password List
  • Security Administrator Granted
  • Security Administrator Removed
  • Self Destruct Message Content
  • Self Destruct Message Email
  • Self Destruct Message Read
  • User Account Disabled
  • User Account Enabled
  • User Account Impersonation