Passwordstate Active Directory Integration The Passwordstate API is a HTTP Based Services interface, providing programmatic access to much of the data in the system. It provides predictable URLs for accessing resources, and uses built-in HTTP features to receive commands and return responses. This makes it easy to communicate with from a wide variety of environments, from command-line utilities to gadgets to the browser URL bar itself.

Access to the API can be done in a multitude of ways, including Curl access, PowerShell scripts, Ruby and Perl scripts, and any other language which can make HTTP GET, POST, PUT and DELETE requests to a given URL.

All access to the API Methods is through the use of API Keys which are generated within Passwordstate. API Keys can be associated with individual Password Lists, or a System Wide API Key can be used. Each Password List can also specify which types of calls are allowed to be made to the records stored within the list i.e. retrieve, update and add data.

Below are the list of currently available API Calls, and full documentation can be found here Passwordstate API Documentation.

  • Folders
      Adding a New Folder
      Search for Folders
  • Password Lists
      Adding a New Password List
      Retrieving a Password List
      Retrieving all Shared Password Lists
  • Passwords
      Retrieving a Password
      Updating an Existing Password
      Adding a New Password
      Adding a New Password Reset Dependency
      Deleting a Password
      Retrieving Password History
      Retrieving All Passwords in a Password List
      Retrieving All Passwords in all Password Lists
      Searching for Passwords
  • Hosts
      Searching for Hosts
      Add a New Host
      Delete a Host
  • Documents
      Add a Password Document
      Add a Password List Document
      Retrieve a Password Document
      Retrieve a Password List Document
  • Generate Random Passwords